Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Toronto voter explains why he wants an Idiot in Office, aka His Lord Mayor Alleged Fat F*ck Ford

Even moronic [Rick McGinnis] voters can sometimes be articulate...

I woke up last Tuesday morning to discover that I was supposed to be angry. Rob Ford had just been voted mayor of Toronto to the apparent shock and mortification of much of the downtown and most of the media. We were being told that it was the work of angry voters – angry people like me, apparently, who made our livid way to the polls and stabbed at our ballots with rage. The problem was that I didn’t feel all that angry.

Ford’s victory, we were also told, was a triumph of the suburbs, and by Thursday a map was produced showing us how the city voted, riding by riding. It featured a small, pink inverted ‘T’ of George Smitherman votes hugging the lake, surrounded by a looming blue ring – angry, bellicose blue – of Ford voters hugging the downtown in its crushing embrace. By the end of the day, I was reading Twitter comments like “Can't wait to finish another work day in #BlueToronto and get back home to #PinkToronto.”

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