Saturday, November 27, 2010

Apple removes bigoted "Manhattan Declaration" app

Que the cries of Christian persecution in 3...2...

Come on now Christians, you've had 1,700 years since persecution of your religion stopped. Hell, it even became the official religion of the Roman Empire (the Romans were no fools, and could recognize a tool of control).

Now admittedly you created some fine art, music and literature. But little things like burnings, torture, wars and fighting among yourselves have hardly increased your reputation. Christianity is a dangerous weapon in the hands of those not bright enough to use it.

Ha, what am I saying? It's also a dangerous weapon in the hands of those bright enough to use it. It also makes an excellent shield to protect prying eyes from seeing the cold dead heart inside some of the people that wield it.

So why not step aside and let more rational adults have a go for awhile?

Just sayin'...*

Without a peep of a press release, Apple has removed an anti-gay iPhone app that sparked considerable outrage in the LGBT community and beyond.

The app for the Manhattan Declaration was described as a “call of Christian conscience” invited users to take a stand against gay marriage by signing a document penned by certain Christian clergy, scholars and others opposed to equality. blasted the app for fostering “homophobia and extreme anti-choice views” and started a petition to get Apple to remove it from the iTunes store.

Today, a search for the Manhattan Declaration app at came up empty.

Apple has a history of rejecting apps that are gay-related, yet it is the LGBT community that faithfully buys its products, especially the iPhone.

* Up until c. 1700 such words would of had me charged with heresy and/or blasphemy (and can still be a crime in Ireland. Ah Tradition) and burned at the stake. Jesus Loves You.

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