Monday, November 08, 2010

Nick Kouvalis and how to get an Idiot in Office, part II

If I were the new Lord Mayor, I would get Kouvalis to STFU, but I get the impression these people are proud of their lack of ethics.

Well done Toronto, His Lord Mayor Alleged Fat F*ck Ford *is* the mayor you deserve.

This man is positively beaming with pride at the sleazy tricks it took to get "Robbie*" (his name for Ford, not mine) into office.

Well, we're stuck with him for years. Enjoy!

The Rob Ford campaign had one of its members anonymously call John Tory’s radio show and bait him about his integrity in a strategy to keep Tory out of Toronto’s mayoral race.

Nick Kouvalis, Ford’s deputy campaign manager and now the mayor-elect’s chief of staff, told a forum Friday that his success in keeping Tory out of the race was a “huge victory” and “Rob won because of it.”

And now that Ford is elected, he added, the transition team is talking to Tory, the Newstalk 1010 host and chair of the Toronto Summit City Alliance, about playing a possible role in the Ford administration.

Kouvalis disclosed the election tactics less than a week after admitting the Ford campaign set up a fake Twitter account for “queensquaykaren” (aka Karen Philby) — a supposed Smitherman supporter, complete with photo and profile — to covertly obtain a recording of a potentially damaging phone conversation between Ford and an OxyContin drug user.

Of course supporters are commenting too:

Toronto, you have a new Mayor come December, please come together and give him your support. What is done is done and the next 4 years will tell whether he is doing what he says he is going to do. Rehashing who says what etc. will not help.

HAHAHAHA! Fuck that. His Lord Mayor's every word and action will be followed, criticized and scrutinized. If he uses such methods to get into office, imagine what he'll do to stay there...

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* to paraphrase Sean Connery, we called the dog Robbie...

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