Monday, November 29, 2010

Canadian politicians, not the public, "sensitive" to how they seem in American eyes

WikiLeaks long arm of embarrassment has reached Canada, with politician rushing for damage control:

From the Globe and Mail:

But the fear of real damage is accompanied by another concern in Ottawa – that snippets of private talk by U.S. diplomats might include sharp words that could stick in the mind of a Canadian public that is often sensitive to how they are seen in American eyes. Ottawa officials worry about references to a Canadian inferiority complex, biting criticisms or belittling comments.

Well crafted bullshit, but the truth is the fear rests with the politicians, not the public. The "public" is delighted with the news, and we can finally catch a glimpse into the workings of their tiny minds.

A commenter caught it:

Dear Steve:

Bend over.


My sense of being Canadian in no way comes from Ottawa, in fact in this day and age it's in spite of it.

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