Saturday, November 27, 2010

McGill University economist Thomas Velk: Heartless Bastard Expert of the Day

What happens when the chief executive of Toronto-Dominion Bank Ed Clark proposes cutting taxes to poorer Canadians? Why we get lowlifes such as Mr Velk coming out from under his rock...

“I would really dispute Mr. Clark’s notion that we need to give money to the beer drinkers,” McGill University economist Thomas Velk said. “We can’t afford it. We’ve got to build future productivity and we have to do that in the private sector. And the only way to do that is to give funding to the productive citizens who privately invest”

I love the smell of class snobbery in the morning. Have you ever seen a more masterful parade of coded messages and dog whistles in one statement?

Oh well, at least we can predict his future obituary: Velk, Thomas, economist. Best known for the "beer drinkers" comment of 2010. Received the Stephen Harper Award for most Divisive Comment.

What you wanna bet Mr. Velk has a life sized pin up of Harper over his bed, which he peruses while sipping his champaign and tabulating his investment returns?

Who needs beer, let 'em eat cake.

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Keith_Macorin said...

Class snobbery. The man is an academic. He's right you know. Hate harper? I hate you...

protogenes said...

@ Keith Macorin: a man can be an academic and still be a thundering idiot. Welcome to life *outside* a university.