Monday, November 15, 2010

Chris Selley: Idiot of the Day

Mr. Selley defends the train wreck that is Lake Shore:

“As a nation that has tried so hard to make multiculturalism work, Lake Shore is a large step backward,” Andre Mayer wrote this week on the CBC website.

For now, I don’t think Lake Shore is a large anything; it hasn’t even been picked up by a network. But theoretically speaking, isn’t eight people with strongly identified ethnic or religious backgrounds living together less an attack on multiculturalism than a fairly pure expression of it?

Perhaps Mr. Selley's experience of Toronto only includes people so self centered, so unpleasantly bigoted that they and he think they are representative of Toronto.

And if indeed they are representative of Toronto, then Toronto better take a long hard look at itself, cause it would mean it is *very* fucked up.

The Renaissance of the Stupid continues apace. The time of His Lord Mayor Alleged Fat F*ck Ford will bring more of these types from under the rocks they have been lurking for decades.

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