Thursday, January 26, 2006


smell the roses

I keep forgetting that no one in Ontario knows what a vernisage is, what I attended this evening was called an "opening reception".

big starMichel Dauda, already a talented photographer, has launched an exhibit of "photo based digital art" at Apostolis Gallery in Toronto until February 18th, with the original flowers supplied by Suzanne Garnder.

It was jammed. All the beautiful people were there, along with international celebrities Chester Wong and Simone Denny plus representatives of the media, the art/leather community as well as one or two members of the Russian Mafia.

By 9 pm, he had already sold two works. Now wonder he's smiling.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What were you thinking?

Canada Conservatives win election

To my fellow Canadians: fuck fuck fuck!

People really are as stupid as they seem.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Say "Cheese"

say cheese

Friends and I watched the opening episode of season 2 of "Battlestar Galactica" on Saturday.

I was no fan of the old show, as at the time it was seen by all viewers but 4 year olds as a blatant rip-off of "Star Wars", without the wit and talent.

(my dislike has another reason as 1978, 2 episodes of "Battlestar Galactica" were released theatrically outside of the U.S. as a "movie", to cash in on "Star Wars". Of course audiences weren't told they were paying for a television show, but it became painfully obviously once the "film" rolled. Not in widescreen, with substandard effects, the "movie" conveniently rapped up one storyline mid way, only to begin a new story...just like as if we were watching 2 episodes of a tv show...hummmm)

Well, those 4 year olds are all grown up, they see BG as some classic of American television (where we all know that honor must go to "The Beverly Hillbillies")

Now, to give the show credit, it is the best of the line-up of Sci-fi shows currently on-air. The space battle effects are the best on TV, ever.

But, and it's a big is so damn depressing (no less than a baby and little girl have to die in the series opener...oh yes and most of humanity...).

No one, not one character cracked a smile. No humour, nothing.

It is all dark dark dark. Dark=profound in many people's minds (the latest Batman for example), and this show must be seen by them as Biblical Profound.

It takes itself *so* seriously, but it's message (for all the protestations otherwise) is very simple. Life sucks but we are noble, they are out to get us, trust no one.

No wonder it's a big hit in the U.S.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's the Mother

ride the whaleroad

There's a trailer up for an indie version of Beowulf called "Beowulf & Grendel".

I can't decide if this lower budget affair will be worth the watch, or be closer to Lee Major's classic "The Norseman".

Well duh

Yes always

While checking my site's stats, I came across a blog that was discussing Orson Welles' famous Findus Foods commercial outtakes (something The Psychotic Hour has used since the beginning), and had linked to Tph's dance version:

Norway V2

There is also a site that tries to prove the connection between The Brain and Orson Welles, not something that needs much proof.