Thursday, April 30, 2009

We need you to stay terrified

Cheery message from Republican John Boehner.

Stay afraid, and let us start torturing again. It felt so good.

Rep. Virginia Foxx - Today's most loathsome person

She said this while Matthew Shepard's mother sat in the gallery, listening.

What a hateful "person" this Foxx is.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu name branded 'offensive'

Religious morons strike again.

The outbreak of swine flu should be renamed "Mexican" influenza in deference to Muslim and Jewish sensitivities over pork, an Israeli health official has said.

Deputy Health Minister Yakov Litzman said the reference to pigs is offensive to both religions and "we should call this Mexican flu and not swine flu," he told a news conference at a hospital in central Israel.

Akk, the stupidity.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Morally Bankrupt Americans: The New York Times

Exactly what constitutes torture continues to be a matter of debate and hasn’t been resolved by a court. This president and this attorney general say waterboarding is torture, but the previous president and attorney general said it is not. On what basis should a newspaper render its own verdict, short of charges being filed or a legal judgment rendered?

Are these people nuts? Do we have to wait until some government official tells us if murder is ok as well.


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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bunny Show Jumping

Torture OK with FOX News

The immorality of it doesn't seem to matter.

Morally Bankrupt Americans: David S. Broder

Japanese soldiers waterboard Americans, hang 'em!

Americans waterboard their prisoners..."Stop Scapegoating"

One of the pleasures of the release of the torture memos is seeing who supports torture, and goes on the record in doing so.

Historians of the future, I envy you.

If ever there were a time for President Obama to trust his instincts and stick to his guns, that time is now, when he is being pressured to change his mind about closing the books on the "torture" policies of the past.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Torture and Star Trek

From when what is torture was plain and the response to it obvious. Before the war criminals and the media that seemingly is backing them muddied the linguistic waters.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Morally Bankrupt Americans: David Gregory

Listen to this. Don't you get the feeling we are being told that white is not white?

The voice may be that of Mr. Gregory, but the words are not his.

In a nutshell


Thursday, April 23, 2009

When caught, lie


It's a picture that perfectly captures the wide open spaces and wild skies of Alberta. No wonder the folks who designed Alberta's new $25-million "re-branding" initiative were keen to use it as a signature image in their campaign roll-out.

There's just one problem.

The picture was shot near the village of Bamburgh in Northumberland, 70 kilometres north of Newcastle-on-Tyne. In England, it's a famous beach, near Bamburgh Castle, known as the legendary home of Sir Lancelot.

So what do you do when this little fact is spotted? Why make up the biggest lie you can think of:

"This slide represents Albertans' concern for the future of the world," Olga Guthrie, manager of the brand initiative for Alberta's public affairs bureau...

"There's no attempt to make people think that this is Alberta," says Tom Olsen, the premier's director of media relations. "There's no attempt to mislead. That picture just fit the mood and tone of what we were trying to do."

But, but, the big "Alberta" on the image? Oh silly me.

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Gays in Uganda should

This kind of crap is very dangerous, and can lead in frightening directions.

One of the more viler things you will see today..

A newspaper in Uganda, a country with hostile views against homosexuality, listed dozens of gay individuals, including their names, occupations, physical descriptions, HIV status, and partners. The report, published in The Red Pepper on Sunday, names ordinary people like bartenders and bankers.

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We do not fucking torture

Strange moment from FOX News..oh and by the way, you are a torture nation.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A scary glimpse of a possible future USA

Sure, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is one of the crazier people in US politics, and she is one of the loudest against President Obama.

But but....

A scary glimpse into the minds of some Americans and how they see the world.

Condoms are bad

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Morally Bankrupt Americans: Peggy Noonan

An unbelievable admission of willful ignorance. Wake up Peggy, your country is no longer a "Great Nation", just a brutish one like all the others.


More unbelievable is that Americans are actually in doubt this was a war crime and that something should be done.

Walk on, walk on. Befehl ist Befehl.


NonStampCollector is a very funny man.

DNA test to prove Bronze Age link

Men are needed for DNA tests to prove their distant ancestors moved from the Mediterranean to north west Wales as migrant workers 4,000 years ago.

Participants will be asked for a cheek swab sample for genetic analysis.

Researchers at the University of Sheffield hope to link the migration of men in the Bronze Age to the discovery of copper.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Whores, politicians and ugly buildings...

...all become respectable if they last long enough.

A defense of concrete architecture:

A process that sometimes takes an attitude adjustment.

Like lack of taste.

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As Costs Fall, Companies Push to Raise Internet Price

It was big mistake handing over the net to providers such as these. If US providers want to start ripping off their customers and turn the net into cable TV, they need to come up here to Canada and learn from Rogers and the CRTC, who fuck over customers on a regular basis. Of course it helps when the so called consumer protection agency is in the pocket of corporations.

It's easy here. Just make an outrageous change (DNS redirecting anyone?) and sit back. Customer anger means little, as no government agency will step in.

Internet service providers want to end the all-you-can-eat plans and get their customers paying à la carte.

But they are having a hard time closing the buffet line.

Faced with rising consumer protest and calls from members of Congress for new regulations, Time Warner Cable backed down last week from a plan to impose new fees on heavy users of its Road Runner Internet service.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brian Gibson - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover)

Brian Gibson - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover) from Johnny Internets on Vimeo.

American Apparel: Epically Sleazy

American Apparel rips Woody Allen off (by using his image in ads without permission), gets sued for it, then makes out like Mr. Allen is in the wrong.

Epic Sleaze.

American Apparel lawyer Stuart Slotnick said the company plans to make Allen's relationships to actress Mia Farrow and her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, whom Allen married, the focus of a trial scheduled to begin in federal court in Manhattan on May 18.

"Woody Allen expects $10 million for use of his image on billboards that were up and down in less than one week," Slotnick said. "I think Woody Allen overestimates the value of his image."

He said the company's belief was that "after the various sex scandals that Woody Allen has been associated with, corporate America's desire to have Woody Allen endorse their product is not what he may believe it is."

You should hear what you're saying about you.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Illinois Family Institute: Bigotry on Parade

Just when you thought the spiteful bigoted religiously motivated hatred couldn't get any worse, along comes this little gem.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Torture Memos

"They were just following orders"


Idiots should be seen and not heard

And with Twitter, they can be!

Normally, rampant texting in a movie theater is grounds for ejection.

But in St. Charles, it's encouraged.

During a screening of "Zoolander," audience members could heckle the movie via text, then watch as their comments appeared onscreen with the film: "I want a comb-over like Trump" and "Breakdance fighting is becoming more popular in UFC."

"I've described it as a mash-up of 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' and Twitter," said Rien Heald, the Naperville inventor of MuVChat.

I call it letting the morons have a voice.

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Force is strong for Jedi police

Eight police officers serving with Scotland's largest force listed their official religion as Jedi in voluntary diversity forms, it has emerged.

Strathclyde Police said the officers and two of its civilian staff claimed to follow the faith, which features in the Star Wars movies...

...The Office for National Statistics did not recognise it as a separate category, and incorporated followers of Jedi with atheists.

My God, isn't that discrimination? They've been humiliated! Call the U.N.!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hulk Hogan: 'I totally understand O.J.'

Mega asshole of the day, Hulk Hogan.

Pro wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, embroiled in a bitter divorce with his wife, Linda, told Rolling Stone magazine he can "totally understand" O.J. Simpson, the former football great found liable for the deaths of his wife and another man.

"I could have turned everything into a crime scene like O.J., cutting everybody's throat,"

Maybe she left you for health reasons, asshole.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cop assaults G20 woman

Thank God for video. No wonder police want it illegal to tape them.

Bruins Hockey Rules Date

Fascism is alive and well.

Rihanna's Umbrella in Hokkien

Hokkien is a Chinese dialect.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Answers in Genesis


Stonehenge find at Tara

Scientists have unearthed what appears to be a mammoth wooden version of the famous Stonehenge monument at the Hill of Tara.

In a revealing new RTE documentary, many theories and insights into the country's prehistoric past and 150,000 ancient monuments are unveiled and explained.

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Taleban 'kill love affair couple'

The Taleban in Afghanistan have publicly killed a young couple who they said had tried to run away to get married, officials say.

The man, 21, and woman, 19, were shot dead on Monday in front of a mosque in the south-western province of Nimroz.

Nimroz is an area where the Taleban have a strong influence.

Governor Ghulam Dastageer Azad told the AFP news agency the killings followed a decree by local religious leaders and were an "insult to Islam".

"Religious leaders"? I prefer "loathsome psychopathic murderers" myself.

Some beliefs deserve no respect. None.

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Justice Clarence Thomas speaks from his bubble

'Today there is much focus on our rights," Justice Thomas said. "Indeed, I think there is a proliferation of rights."

"I am often surprised by the virtual nobility that seems to be accorded those with grievances," he said. "Shouldn't there at least be equal time for our Bill of Obligations and our Bill of Responsibilities?"

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Right wing dipshits

Monday, April 13, 2009

J. J. Abrams sends a "fuck you" to all the fans that put him where he is

Yup, they went there.

Spock learns what is Paramount

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amazon moralizes

Seems Amazon is delisting books it deems "adult".

What guidelines are they using you may ask?

Gay books=bad. Straight books=good.

Simple. Like the minds at Amazon.

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Republicans love a good spanking

While a treaty that seeks to protect children may sound innocuous, its opponents, such as Michael Farris, the Christian conservative founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association, see in it a dystopian future in which “Parents would no longer be able to administer reasonable spankings to their children”; “A child’s ‘right to be heard’ would allow him (or her) to seek governmental review of every parental decision with which the child disagreed”; and “Children would have the ability to choose their own religion while parents would only have the authority to give their children advice about religion,” as he puts it on his website

Nope, can't have free choice when it comes to religion. The mind must be dulled early and often.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Charlie Brooker on British and American TV News

Friday, April 10, 2009

Scared white people throw a party

Project 912 Glenn Beck Tea Party. Stay for dessert, there'll be book burning.

Facing Opposition

It must be hard when "teachers and administrators alike" increasing tell you you're a loud mouthed bigot.

Not to worry. Here are some simple rules to follow to make your homophobic lifestyle choice just that much easier:

Experiencing pressure and personal attack because you want to dialogue and share your own beliefs on homosexuality can be discouraging and even scary. It can be difficult to stand up for a belief that is constantly pounded by waves of skepticism, anger, and ideology that what you believe is a load of crock. When facing such negative feedback, it’s important to keep everything in perspective. There are some important things to remember if and when you experience resistance to your desire to dialogue and share counter-culture truths.

The contradictions in the above alone should make your head spin, but...

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Republicans are singularly clueless.

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The Herbert Estate overreacts

"The small Dune roleplaying community in Second Life got a legal notice from Trident Media Group, the New York literary agency that handles the Frank Herbert Estate, via Linden Lab, which develops and manages Second Life...

...received legal notices from Linden Lab via Trident Media Group, a New York literary agency which maintains the Herbert Estate. "In particular," the notice reads, "Trident Media Group has complained about your use of characters, concepts and other material associated with 'Dune' in the Second Life environment."

Yup, go after your biggest fans. They must have learned that lesson from Paramount....

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bath Time

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Gathering Storm

The message, and the people behind this, have truly ugly hearts. I never realized holding on to bigotry and hatred were so hard to give up.

Rogers responds re Skype

I've received this response regarding the rumours of Rogers blocking Skype on the iPhone:

"I'm in the communications group at Rogers and wanted to respond to your post. Rogers Wireless doesn't block Skype. If and when the Skype app is available in the Canadian iTunes store, our customers will be able to use it. "

I stand corrected.

Update: Turns out this is carefully worded bullshit. Skype is indeed blocked on the 3G network, due to "contractual obligations", but can be used only on wifi.

Never trust a spokesperson.

Rogers may block Skype on iPhone

Rumours are circulating that Rogers may block Skype on the iPhone.

Those greedy bastards, what right do they have to that?

Update: See post above.

Update Update: The comment from Rogers in the comments below turns out this is carefully worded bullshit. Skype is indeed blocked on the 3G network, due to "contractual obligations", but can be used only on wifi.

Never trust a spokesperson.

All You Need is Cash

The Beatles are finally releasing the music digitally remastered.

That's the good news.

The bad is that it will be released on, wait for it, CD.

Akk, greedy greedy greedy.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Vermont Gov to gays: you're screwed anyway

If just to twist the knife after vetoing the same sex marriage bill in Vermont, Governor Jim Douglas just had to add this:

Regardless of whether the term marriage is applied, federal benefits will still be denied to same sex couples in Vermont. And states that do not recognize same sex marriage or civil unions will also deny state rights and responsibilities to same sex couples in Vermont. This bill will not change that fact.

He looks to be a nasty piece of work.

Flashmob in Antwerpen

Monday, April 06, 2009

Governments grab more of the net

Horrible as terrorism is, governments waste no time in exploiting it to their own ends...

Details of user e-mails, website visits and net phone calls will be stored by internet service providers (ISPs) from Monday under an EU directive.

The plans were drawn up in the wake of the London bombings in 2005.

ISPs and telecoms firms have resisted the proposals while some countries in the EU are contesting the directive.

Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group, said it was a "crazy directive" with potentially dangerous repercussions for citizens....

"Access to communications data is governed by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (Ripa) which ensures that effective safeguards are in place and that the data can only be accessed when it is necessary and proportionate to do so."

Translation, whenever the government likes.

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Who's really is the danger here?

F*ck religious respect. This is disgusting.

If your religion makes you do this, then your religion is a danger.

Six gay men were shot dead by members of their tribe in two separate incidents in the past 10 days, an official with Iraq's Interior ministry said.

In the most recent attack, two men were killed Thursday in Sadr City area of Baghdad after they were disowned by relatives, the official said.

The shootings came after a tribal meeting was held and the members decided to go after the victims.

Read more here.

Oh, and is psychopathic behavior just to be found there? Why no, as this blog linked from CNN demonstrates:

It’s about time the Iraqi people did something right

In my reading today, I noticed that six ghey men were shot to death in Iraq. They were shot by tribal leaders and to add insult to injury, the ghey cafe that they would frequent, was burned to the ground.

Don’t ask me why this story fascinates me, but I love it. Don’t think that this was a rushed decision by tribal leaders. They actually held meetings and the members of the tribe decided that it was time to go after these phags.

And *we're* the sick ones?

Read more here.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

How bigots react to change

Reaction from a lead Iowa bigot.

What fits into Russia?

An SCTV classic.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Rachel Maddow interviews Colin Powell

Residents challenge Google camera

Angry residents in Milton Keynes blocked the driver of a Google Street View car when he started taking photographs of their homes.

Police were called to Broughton after residents staged the protest accusing Google of invading their privacy and "facilitating crime".

Councillor John Bint told the BBC the camera mounted on a car was intrusive and people should have been consulted.

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Dick Cheney, Revisionist

It seems clear that Cheney is trying to protect himself from future criminal charges and/or war crimes tribunals. It’s no secret that Cheney authorized torture; he admits it.

Read more here.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Wharf

The Wharf, Second Life

Andrew Sullivan, idiot

Mr. Sullivan does seem to win the Idiot of the Day award with alarming regularity. Why do I comment here? Because he won't allow comments on his own site. Given the daily dribble posted there, it's a wise decision. His video appearances are even more incoherent.

Today, he is discussing the U.S. healthcare system, such as it is, and doesn't seem to have a problem with this:

Yes, healthcare inequality would continue [under a Republican plan]. But I'm not a believer that inequality is the worst of all social outcomes.

Yes, this is healthcare he's talking about, and he has no problem with inequality.

Goes a long way to explain the healthcare in America.

Read more here.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Indian Tom and Jerry