Thursday, November 11, 2010

Toronto approves yet another f*cking condo

This could be the marketing slogan for condo developers everywhere: “There is no history, so let us make history by creating something different.”

Yet another condo development, yeah, that'll be really different.

The rich continue unopposed to transform Toronto into Tocondo...

A 47-storey condo tower that the city originally opposed will rise after all in the heart of the theatre district, but local Councillor Adam Vaughan aims to use heritage conservation powers to rein in the soaring structures that are sprouting up in the area.

The city and the team behind 224 King St. West, headed up by condo king Brad J. Lamb and prominent architect Peter Clewes, settled their differences before reaching the Ontario Municipal Board, the tribunal that rules on development disputes.

The overall height of the tower has come down slightly, to 157 metres from 164 metres, although two more floors have been added, Mr. Lamb said in an interview.

Located next to the Royal Alexandra Theatre, in what is now a parking lot, the “Theatre Park” blueprints set the tower back enough from King Street to create a public park that is heralded as the project’s centrepiece. The price of units will range from $299,900 to $3-million, said Mr. Lamb, or about $600- to $625-a-square-foot, and will go on sale next year.

“I am thrilled,” Mr. Lamb said of the outcome, which recently got a “rubber stamp” from the OMB to proceed.

Mr. Lamb is perfectly named...bahhhhhhh

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