Monday, November 08, 2010

Some disgusting parents: How dare you try and stop our Johnny from bullying gays!

The parade of the bigoted brain dead continues.

What they are essentially saying is kids need to have the gay beaten out of other kids.

And of *course*, these loving people are the good guys...

Many educators and rights advocates say that official prohibitions of slurs and taunts are most effective when combined with frank discussions, from kindergarten on, about diverse families and sexuality.

Angry parents and religious critics, while agreeing that schoolyard harassment should be stopped, charge that liberals and gay rights groups are using the antibullying banner to pursue a hidden “homosexual agenda,” implicitly endorsing, for example, same-sex marriage.

These blinkered morons can't see a contradiction if it hit them over the head. Observe:

Candi Cushman, an educational analyst with Focus on the Family, a Christian group, said that early lessons about sexuality and gay parents reflected a political agenda, including legitimizing same-sex marriage. “We need to protect all children from bullying,” Ms. Cushman said. “But the advocacy groups are promoting homosexual lessons in the name of antibullying.”

But Christian bullying and hate filled agenda (against those who don't fit the bill) is just AOK for these folks.

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