Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bell Canada sends another F*ck You to its customers

The CRTC is being called on to put an end to a promotional campaign that offers to let Bell Canada customers turn a mandated $67 rebate into a $100 coupon that would tie customers to a two-year contract...

...In the letter mailed to eligible Bell customers, the company states: "The exact amount of the rebate will be determined by the CRTC shortly, but could be up to $67 per home phone line, and will be sent to you in 2011."

The letter also contains a $100 coupon toward the activation of a new Bell TV subscription or a new Bell Mobility activation. In both cases, customers would have to lock into a two-year contract and would no longer be eligible for the rebate...

..."Don't wait for your home phone customer rebate cheque in the mail next year," it states, "This is a limited time offer."

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