Monday, November 28, 2005

Hockey Night in Canada

Go Habs
Dolores Claman (left) and Liz Tansey

While out tonight at an Irish bar here in Toronto, to meet up with local songtrist Liz Tansey and friends, I had the pleasure to meet the woman who wrote the theme to Hockey Night in Canada

You have to be Canadian to understand the impact Dolores Claman has had on our culture. I don't even watch hockey, but that theme is as familiar to me as anything.

The evening did have its frightening aspects though, such as ELO played on acoustic guitars by the bar band.

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Psychotic Hour

I have been very busy recently, with a new drawing series, and production in full swing on The Psychotic Hour's new season.

You can get all the latest (like you care) here. There are previews, and even rare images of Tph in action.


Rome XII

I kid you not. This series' last shot was of Tweedle Dumb and his ex slave Dumbette walking hand in hand *into the sunset*

The writers must really think we care about their fictionalized creations as they intersperse shots of their wacky going ons with the assassination of Caesar, like it's all the same.

Blah Blah Blah

I will miss Caesar (Ciaran Hinds), the rest is just epic silliness.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Rome XI

You know, I've given up expecting great things from this series. It is not being producted by top of the line talent (at least where story and script are concerned), so I guess you either have to live with that or change the channel.

What "The Godfather" did in two hours, this series is still attempting to do in eleven (and counting).

Lots of blood in this one though.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Rome X

local colour

"I don't want my chariot stopped by giant turds" says Caesar

And who can blame him?

Unfortunately, Caesar's progress is constantly beginning interrupted by some big ones...the writers.

Why can't make up its mind which story it wants to tell. I find when if follows the historical record (however loosely), it can be interesting, even fun to watch.

When it inserts its own plot lines other than than, such as The Tweedles, it is dumb and unbelievable.

Consider Tweedle Dumb.

"I'm a solider, not a murderer."

Buzzz. Sorry. Thank you for playing.

Call me old fashion, but are viewers really sympathetic to this character? He's a thug, but we are to care that he's been rejected by his old army unit and his slave, all in the same day.

Got what he deserved if you ask me. But no, the writers are setting up some sort of artificial tension between him and Tweedle Dee. Ooooo, the suspense!

They are not giving Ciaran Hinds enough screen time if you ask me. I would pay to see a movie version of the Last Days of Caesar staring Mr Hinds.

I leave a movie version of the Tweedles to those who miss Jim Carrey.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


dance you foolShe's back, the Disco Bimbo Slut. The we knew and loved.

I am even now hearing "Confessions on a Dance Floor" for the first time (of course the song "Hung Up" has been around for weeks).

Hooky as hell.

Song 4, wow. Song 5, Wow.

Abba, Pink Floyd, Donna

6..7..mellower, with a hint of Kraftwerk.

Humm, after that is just sort of fades out into strangeness.

Tracks 1-5, great, after that so so.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

1001 Madonna butts

it's so...big

Gaydom must surely be aflutter today with the release of Madonna's video for "Hung Up".

Madonna subtly and tastefully prepares herself for a night of dancing, while her musical spell causes younger and better dancers to gyrate to the latest trends.

Later, under the cover of darkness, Madonna attempts to blend in with the 20 somethings, only later to appear playing video games.

The video lights up most when she is not in the shot.

Did I mention her ass?

The Lost Emperor

DomitianusBrian Malin, an amateur treasure hunter in Oxfordshire, England has found a coin depicting an until now unknown Roman emperor.

Domitianus, known from Roman sources only as a rebel, now seems to have declared himself emperor for a few short months in A.D. 271.

Based in a area in southwestern Germany, he probably never saw Britain or even Rome, but the coin (one of 2 known, the other discovered in 1900, long thought to be a fake. It is now known to be genuine) ended up in a horde buried in Britain sometime in the 290's.

What else has been lost?