Friday, November 26, 2010

G20 police won’t face criminal charges thanks to their criminal behavior

How conveeeeenient...

Police officers will not face criminal charges in connection with six men who were injured during G20 demonstrations, Ontario’s police watchdog announced Thursday.

The Special Investigations Unit, however, found there were “reasonable grounds” to believe police used excessive force that broke a man's nose in one case and that, in another instance, police used force during the arrest of a man who sustained a fractured bone under his eye. In both cases, the SIU could not lay charges because it was unable to identify the officers responsible.

And thus is corruption made manifest.

Police...argued that in such a large demonstration, it was difficult to keep track of who did what.

They seemed to have no trouble arresting hundreds.....

Remember when they asked the public to come forward with videos so they could help identify the rioters? There's a deafening silence for calls of video helping identify the police.

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