Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Canada approves same-sex marriage

Oh now we've gone and done it. Scott Thompson's show will never go away.

I love the way CNN describes it:

"Canada's relaxed stance on gay marriage, and on other social issues, stands in contrast to that of the United States, where President George W. Bush wants Congress to back a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages."

Not sure about that word "relaxed". Maybe "advanced", "more civilized", "caring" or even (shudder) "Liberal"

Take that George.


Lol. Fox News, true to form, strikes a slightly more ominous tone:

Charles McVety, a spokesman for Defend Marriage Canada and president of Canada Christian College, called the vote an "onerous breach of trust and the deconstruction of so much that is dear to our hearts."

Flanked by clergymen, McVety vowed his group would work to vote out lawmakers who supported the legislation in the next general elections.

"This is the beginning of the formal fight against the redefinition of marriage," McVety said. "We will, in the next election, be able to correct this incredible democratic deficit before us today."

Flanked by clergymen. Cool.

I want a t-shirt with "Incredible Democratic Deficit" emblazoned across it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Fuck you Microsoft

and Yahoo, and any other corporations aiding repression around the world.

From the BBC:

"Chinese bloggers posting their thoughts via Microsoft's net service face restrictions on what they can write.

Weblog entries on some parts of Microsoft's MSN site in China using words such as "freedom", "democracy" and "demonstration" are being blocked."

Also being restricted on the free parts of the site are journal entries that mention "human rights" and "Taiwan independence".

...are those words still here? Is this page still online? Is Microsoft still allowing me to write what I want?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Talent Needed for Media Empire

As I've mentioned earlier, my radio show/podcast is in the early stages of recording new shows.

So the search for new writers and voice talent has begun. I've spoken to voice talent here in Toronto, and the other Psychotics have begun to work, but..

Visit The Psychotic Hour. You too may be a psychotic.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Marketing Bullshit

No no, it's not from Apple this time.

"'Pink Panther' delayed to 2006"

Hahahahahaha. A film nobody wanted remade has been pushed until February 2006 because "With the recent acquisition of MGM, we wanted to give our marketing department the time and opportunity to launch this very important franchise," Sony Pictures Releasing president Rory Bruer said. "We've seen the movie, and we really love this film. It's a franchise we believe in and are really excited about, and Steve Martin is great as Clouseau."

Liars! Films that suck are released in February. Films the studio would rather you not know about are released in February.

"Other pictures scheduled for release February 10 are New Line Cinema's "Just Friends," a romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart, and Universal's "Curious George," an animated film version of the perennial children's classic starring Will Ferrell and Drew Barrymore."

I rest my case.

Monday, June 06, 2005

The Day Apple...?

What just happened? Mac IS switching to Intel. OSX has always been written for Intel?


Apple just slapped its present users completely and un-ceremonially across the face.

It seems that more and more credence should be placed on the theory that Apple is after the Windows OS market, and if it looses present users, who cares as they will possibly pick up new ones from MS.

And Apple users can't jump ship, as the virus infected waters of Windows are completely unattractive (but if this move to Intel involves viruses making into the Mac world, may lightening strike Mr. Jobs as much as the laws of probability permit).

No more Mac?

The Mac community awaits today the biggest news in many years...will it switch from IBM to Intel?

If it does, many will now reconsider whither to continue using the Mac, with the expense this switch will involve for the end user (remember, I at least have suffered through two of these changes already: the PowerPC change in 1994 and the OSX turnover of this decade...all of which required repurchasing software....)

Apple has been very aggressive of late, not at all the company we grew to love, if such a thing is possible.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bottom Feeders

CNN reports today:

Online stores are charging "people different prices for the same products based on information collected about their shopping habits"


I don't shop online, and so am not really tracked (for shopping habits that is) and was unaware of these practices.

"Stores aggressively try to retain loyal customers who generate the highest sales while discouraging bargain-hunter shoppers who are less profitable because they check many sites for the same product at the lowest price. They are known within the industry as "bottom feeders" who don't show any brand or merchant loyalty."

The "industry" thinks of people who want the best price as "bottom feeders"? One suspects every once and a while that customers are thought of as a necessary evil, but it is good to hear it spelled out that clearly.

Just think what customers are calling "the industry" now...