Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nick Kouvalis tries damage control

Mr. Kouvalis, you needn't worry. Torontonians elected your precious little Robbie knowing *exactly* what they were getting. Sleazy politics are the least of their concerns, what with the streets filled with latte drinking bike riding hippies to get rid of...

Kouvalis said Miller and his helpful staff has “answered every question we’ve asked of them.” The 35-year-old Windsor native with a polling background was instrumental in Ford winning this election so handily.

But he is on his own learning curve as he admitted he messed up with recent comments at a forum of campaign managers about election tomfoolery.

The part that got him into hot water revolved around his acknowledging a fake phone call from the campaign to John Tory’s Newstalk 1010 radio show out of fear he might jump into the race. Kouvalis admits he should have known better and was just trying to give the discussion something rather than talk about the same “gravy train” campaign mantra.

“Those were my screw ups, not Rob’s,” he said.

Doug Ford told me neither he or Rob were pleased about any of it but also realize they were rookie mistakes.

“I told Nick no one from the Ford family has ever been boastful about politics,” said Doug. “We are humbled by this victory and want to do the best for Toronto.”

The bottom line is this kind of high jinx, both Rob and Doug assured me, will not happen again.

“I was naive and I learned my lesson,” said Kouvalis, a bright young politico who said the last thing he would want to do is hurt the Fords.

He said the irony of it is Rob won the election — not slick back-room strategy.

“Rob was brilliant,” said Nick. “He has more guts than anybody and he was our best focus group.”

There you have it folks, Rob is brilliant, coming from a source of impeccable honesty...

His Lord Mayor's time in office should be entertaining, what with all the rookie high jinx! Oh the hilarity.

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