Friday, November 26, 2010

Sun TV News gets licence to make Canadians as dumb as our neighbours to the south

If you listen really carefully you can hear Harper having an orgasm.

He is succeeding turning Canada into something ugly. Yes Mr. Harper I'm older than you and remember a Canada before you pissed all over it.

At least it didn't get a basic cable licence, so there might be a way to avoid this crap.

Canada is to get a conservative all-news TV channel after the CRTC on Friday granted Quebecor Media a license to launch Sun TV News nationwide.

The upstart cable channel, dubbed Fox News North by liberal critics, has the go-ahead to launch on January 1, 2011, with the moniker Hard News and Straight Talk.

Hard and Straight, well paint me surprised.

Oh, boy! Now Canadians can have their own home brewed hate and stupidity channel! Who will be the Beck of the Great White North?

We already have one - he's called our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper

Conservatives are the kind of people you wouldn't invite to a dinner party. You'd have to spend all night after counting the silverware...

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