Monday, November 29, 2010

Paroxysms of moral outrage, a Canadian specialty

WikiLeaks reaches Canada. And so it begins.

The former head of Canada’s top intelligence agency told American officials that Canadians have an “Alice in Wonderland” worldview and that courts have tied intelligence agents in knots as they fight against Islamist terror plots in Canada and abroad.

The blunt view from Jim Judd, the former director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), is contained in a leaked cable from the U.S. embassy in Ottawa to the State department in Washington. The cable details a conversation between Judd and then Counselor of the State Department Eliot Cohen in July 2008.

Morals. Only available in Canada? Pity.

Canadian authorities cannot use information that 'may have been' derived from torture, and that any Canadian public official who conveys such information may be subject to criminal prosecution," the cable says.

And Mr. Judd is upset by that. These are the morals they want us to adopt.

Pardon me, I'm about to have a paroxysm. Mr. Judd and your ilk, you disgust me.

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