Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Harper unclear on the meaning of democracy

MPs are to vote later Tuesday on a Bloc Québécois motion condemning the Conservative government's extension of the Afghanistan mission without a parliamentary vote.

The non-binding motion is largely aimed at exposing deep divisions on the Afghanistan mission among the Opposition Liberals, who said Tuesday they would vote "as a caucus" against the motion, thus ensuring its defeat.

There was a vote in 2006 and again in 2008 on the Afghan mission, but Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said assigning a training and technical mission — as opposed to a combat mission — is within the authority of the prime minister.

"My position is if you're going to put troops into combat, into a war situation, I do think for the sake of legitimacy ... the government does require the support of Parliament," Harper said earlier this month.

"But when we're talking simply about technical or training missions, I think that is something the executive can do on its own."

Fucking guy thinks he's President.

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Btw, the motion was defeated. Quelle surprise.

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