Friday, November 12, 2010

Focus on the Family to bring their hateful message to schools

Bigots know no bounds.

Christian humility and charity? Fuck that, there's young fags to make uncomfortable...

Focus on the Family announced Thursday it will take over sponsorship of an annual student-led event against homosexuality.

The event is called the Day of Dialogue
(read here: We need to tell you how evil you are), formerly known as the Day of Truth (read here: our Truth, which is unquestionable...enjoying the "dialogue" yet?).

"We want to offer students the facts (about homosexuality) to engage a dialogue in schools," Focus spokesman Gary Schneeberger said.

Focus on Thursday launched the website, a resource for students interested in being part of the protest next April.

"The Day of Dialogue gives you, as a student, the opportunity to express the true model presented by Jesus Christ ** in the Bible (on homosexuality)," the website says.

And to beat up on gay students. It's ok, God told them to...

The Bible should come with a warning label: Do not use without humanity and intelligence, or you'll come across as a spiteful, hateful monster.

** Jesus Christ Himself has actually nothing to say on the matter, but Focus on the Family is not in the truth business, but in the maintaining and perpetuation of institutional homophobia, and making sure the next generation has a large number of homophobes to continue the cause.

'Cause without the young, they just look like a bus load of Bible shielded crazy old bigots...

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