Friday, November 12, 2010

Toronto to World: Gordon Ramsay didn't pick us, WAAAAAAAAA!

Toronto is all out of joint because pseudo star Gordon Ramsay had chosen Montreal (shock horror) over Toronto for his first Canadian restaurant.

Cause you know the attitude in Toronto, you can go to another long, and only as long as you pick Toronto first.

Other than that, Hell hath no fury...

So why isn’t Ramsay opening a Toronto restaurant, as he told CBCs The Hour in February 2009 he planned on doing?

“Toronto would be a dream, to be honest,” he said wistfully before his handler interjected to mark the conclusion of our short telephone interview.

Thus implying that Ramsay *really* wanted to go to Toronto, but his evil handler stopped him!!

Why, they even found a Montrealer who thinks Ramsey should have gone to Toronto.

Michel Ross, chef-owner of Mas Cuisine in Montreal, said Monday he hadn’t heard any buzz about a Ramsay invasion*.

“I have a feeling the Montreal restaurant crowd is not that star struck,” he said. “What’s really happening and busy in Montreal right now is smaller chef-owned restaurants. If you ask me, (Ramsay) should do something in Toronto — not Montreal.”

Oh the injustice, Toronto passed over of its rightful world class role as Canada's Only City That Matters™.

* Because people in Montreal don't know or give a fuck who Mr. Ramsay is. Montrealers enjoy good food, not watching psychotics attempt to boost their egos by shouting at each other making it.

Toronto though would eat it up.

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