Tuesday, May 31, 2005

work work work

fuckin geniusIt's been very busy lately at Access, with some projects wrapping up, and others just getting going. Some new things to learn.

And Ladies and Gentlemen, the media whoredom doesn't end there, with the launching of The Psychotic Hour's new site, and and all the background planning surrounding that project.

Very Hush Hush.

At least we now know who Deep Throat was.

This leaves only the Kennedy Assassination, and how Bush got elected in 2000...and 2004....

Monday, May 23, 2005

We know a certain fjord in Norway

My radio show/podcast "The Psychotic Hour" is in the process of planning news shows, after a slight break.




Anakin is Darth Vader!? It can't be! I've never been more surprised.

Saw Star Wars: Episode III - The Revenge of the Sith (phew) on Saturday. Now, I am not a Star Wars baby, Lucas has not raped my childhood. He did waste several hours of my life in 1999, as I tagged along with a group of rabid fans to see Episode I. As they waxed happily on its every virtue, I just kept thinking "What the fuck was that? The Force is a bug?". It did have the honor of containing the single most annoying character every committed to celluloid, and this from the creator of Howard the Duck.

Episode II was better (though not everyone agrees). It did have a scene about sand that had me laughing out loud in the theatre. Great action set piece at the end.

The latest one got it right for the most part. It did have the scene or two of world famous Lucas writing, and the single worse moment in any of the six films (see the title of this post), but some of its set pieces are virtuoso examples of film making, helped by the fact the characters speak very little of George's dialog.

And in a strange way, it is a very old fashion film, regardless of the digital sheen on everything (and they still can't get blue-screened actor's shadows right where they touch the ground). It is the world of the golden age of science fiction, right down to the capital of the Galaxy Empire of "Foundation". What makes it of today is the fact that Anakin is not allowed to be pure evil, but to have turned to the Dark Side out of good intentions (though it plays more as the story of a madman, rather than a good man driven to evil).

As so it is done. I don't believe it for a second.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bush's America

all the truth

Newsweek retracts Quran story

Duh, of course they retract it.

Not because it didn't happen, which I believe it did, but because of "Bush administration officials who called for a full retraction" and other such pressure.

The U.S. is at war and the correct party line must be maintained at all costs.

(White House press secretary Scott) McClellan said (Newsweek) now has a responsibility to spread the word to the Muslim world that U.S. interrogators "treat the Quran with great care and respect."

Ok, I got one. These two Scotsmen walk into a bar....

I applaud the U.S. government and their pursuit of the Truth. We all know how important the Truth is to them.

Monday, May 16, 2005

The Death of Star Trek II

Even Spock weeps

Spock reads the last 'Enterprise' script

Star Trek ended Friday night. Not just Enterprise, which I could care less about, but Star Trek.

It went out with a whimper, a sad end to a near 40 year adventure. The producers Burman and Bregga killed this series, a series they seem to have disliked themselves.

May they move on to infomercals.

Men of the West

A once noble house, bereffed of honour. Now speak in words we can all understand.

I met an old co-worker while at dinner Saturday night. I had left this company a while back because the new person (an old friend of theirs, how convenient) they had brought in to run the company (after they had lost a packet of money the year before) turned out to be a sniveling two faced liar.

Now, a sniveling two faced liar is probably just what they needed to make themselves better suited to compete in today's business environment.

Well, seems everyone (except the owners) who were there have since left (or were tossed from) the company, even their oldest friends and employees. They all agree this new boss was a sniveling two faced liar (and possibly the thief of 30k in sales commissions, but that's another story).

I felt strangely better after hearing that news.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tut Tut


Seems old King Tutankhamun wasn't murdered after all, just clumsy.


To the Tranny who lives upstairs

Forgive me for being so unforgiving. The fact that one day you may no longer have a penis is sure to make you cranky.

For it seems, in the desire to wash away your tears (I thought it was your tears that flooded my kitchen once, but you had just left the sink running), you turned to that one true solace you have, 80's music.

Now I know how much 80's music means to you. I hear you play it...constantly...sometimes focusing in on that one special song, which you play over and over and over.


So when, two nights ago, your pain was so much that you continued with the sounds of the 80's, segueing into High Disco about midnight, I should not have been surprised. One o'clock passed, then 2, then 3, then 4...

I, unfeeling, decided to bang on the ceiling...

My mistake. For not 30 sec seconds later were you not at my door, bedecked in gold drop earrings ( a nice touch for 4 AM I must say), stating: "Why did you bang on the ceiling?" (an interesting question, which surprised me for having to have been asked, so I said: "Um, the music") To which your replied: "I'm a Tranny, bitch! This is a public building and I have the right to play music whenever I want! Don't you fuck with me faggot! You don't want to fuck with me or my "people". I'll fucking dance on your fucking head!..."

Ah, better living through chemistry.

Forgive me for wanting to sleep at night, but I still have a penis.

What a drag it is getting old

what a drag it is getting old

The Stones are touring! Wow! Great!...wake up! snap out of it! It's not 1964, it's 40 years later.

Richards is doing a movie. It's Sir Fucking Jagger. Brian Jones is still dead.

Much as my generation ridiculed our parents youth and music (swing music..ewwwww), now too the Baby Boomers are coming under the scornful eye of today's youth.

Pity the brave entertainer who dares to continue past that certain point of no return (""zombie jamborees"...are sucking all the edge and youthful rebellion out of the music"...a laughable comment considering the state of music today, but that's another topic).

To the Stones themselves, they likely see their career as one long continuous story. To us though, they emerge every few years, increasingly appearing as a spectral shadow of a now vanished age.

Which, if nothing else, is a reason to see them, while you still can. Once they go, and a handful of others, then the Sixties are truly and completely finally over. Without that time though, none of today's culture would be as it is.

Same goes for the Stones. Too bad the Beatles can't tour. Fucking Chapman and cigarettes.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Revenge of the Nerds part III


My high school's 50th birthday is soon, and its discussion board is buzzing with nostalgia.

Tales of snow storms, vacuum tubes, city dumbs, changed streets and searching for long forgotten toys on eBay fill emails flying back and forth.

News the school may have been built alarmingly close to a dump landfill surprises no one...

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bring me the head of Bin Laden

I can't make this stuff up.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Darth Vader still uses Windows

you go girlSeems my old friend is a Mac fan.

Not only that, but he has spotted a bug in the new OS, Tiger, which involves a syncing problem with .Mac. While it is not unusual to spot a bug in Mac software of late, what is unusual is fixing it yourself. Well, that just what our little cleverboots Rush did.

Have a cigar.

You'd better have that tattoo changed

666. Damn.

Monday, May 02, 2005

McCarthyism Revisited

he's baaaack

Our friends South of the Border (that's the U.S. seen from Canada) have a growing problem on their hands. You see, they put a group of mealy mouthed small minded bigots in charge of their cultural future. No I don't mean ad executives or network programmers. No, something far far worse.

Politicians. Republican Politicians

What were you thinking?

It has just begun, and your leaders have far worse in store for you. Good luck and may God Bless.

Return of the Seventies

Big Helmet

Well it's 1977 again and Star Wars is hitting the cimemas soon. Uh? It isn't 1977? Oh...

Of course, it's 2005 and Star Wars is hitting the cimemas soon, again! Will it suck as much as Episode I? Will the dialog be as hilarious as Episode II?

In the end, who cares? What it does mark is the end of an era in "SciFi", that and the demise of Star Trek. Maybe, just maybe we can get scifi films with just a touch of intelligence again.

The New York Times

Or maybe not.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Just for Moneypenny


The Art of James Bond