Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Lawyer Philip J. Thomas: Shrivell was only targeting a fag, what's the big deal, sheesh

Remember folks, Mr. Shivell and his kind are the self proclaimed Good Guys...

An assistant attorney general in Michigan is out of a job, fired after targeting an openly gay University of Michigan student leader online and in person -- then lying about his actions to investigators -- state Attorney General Mike Cox said Monday.

Andrew Shirvell "repeatedly violated office policies, engaged in borderline stalking behavior and inappropriately used state resources," Cox said.

Of course there are those that are just AOK with Shirvell being a dangerous psychotic...like his lawyer.

"This smells political to me," Thomas told the newspaper. "There's been a tremendous piling-on against Andrew. The liberal media started this tempest in a teapot."

Oh yes, that damn liberal media, always pointing out the dangerous right wing loonies. So wrong of them, they should just stand back and let honest hard working Americans state their, um, opinions in a public forum.

Even clearly crazy government workers targeting a gay student...especially crazy government workers targeting a gay student.

Human decency don't seem to be concepts he or Mr. Shivell seem to be able to grasp.

Note to Mr. Philip J. Thomas: Fuck you. Maybe that will sink in.

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