Monday, November 08, 2010

European diplomats politely inquire, who the f*ck does China think it is?

China is throwing its usual tantrum when it doesn't get its way outside of China. Usually this is done on a country by country basis, but this time it's different...

China is pressing European governments to boycott the ceremony awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, warning that the award interferes in China’s internal affairs and that Mr. Liu is a criminal, Western diplomats said on Thursday.

Beijing also urged governments not to issue the statements of support and congratulation that are customary for Nobel laureates, they said.

The unusual request was delivered to European embassies in Oslo, the site of the award ceremony in December, in a written démarche, or diplomatic note, the highest level of communication between diplomatic outposts. How many embassies received the note was unclear.

If ever a reason was needed why *everyone* should attend the ceremony, this is it.

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