Friday, November 05, 2010

Roger Ebert takes on His Lord Mayor Alleged Fat F*ck Ford

Woohoo! Toronto is finally World Class. The world is making fun of us...

Roger Ebert is one of the great American movie critics, but he is also a keen social critic who uses his facility with words to jab from the left.

He once summed up George W. Bush's interest in foreign affairs thus: "Why go to Australia when you have the Outback Steakhouse right here at home?"

Ebert, a big fan of Toronto and its film festival, tweeted this Wednesday night:

"Meanwhile, Toronto elects a mayor who doesn't believe in public transit, arts funding, environment or homosexuality. Toronto?"

Ebert also takes note of Ford's 2007 comments about cyclists, a comment I also noted here for its epic stupidity.

Ebert then tweeted again with a link to his Chicago Sun-Times blog, which has the infamous YouTube video of Ford at council in 2007 and the headline: "Bike riders are askin' for it". In the video, during capital budget deliberations about bike lanes, Ford says cyclists are "swimming with the sharks" and "My heart bleeds for 'em when I heard someone gets killed but it's their own fault at the end of the day."

Yup folks, that is what some in Toronto think is mayor worthy.

I myself am on the North York Planning Committee to erect a statue to His Lord Mayor Alleged Fat Fuck Ford made entirely of crushed bicycles.

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