Thursday, November 04, 2010

Harper and Co. do something right

This is worrying:

In his decision, Clement said BHP's offer for PotashCorp would not benefit the country — but he did seem willing to entertain a sweetened bid from the Australian mining giant within 30 days.

but so far so good...

Federal Industry Minister Tony Clement is defending his "principled" decision to reject BHP Billiton's $40-billion US hostile takeover bid for Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan.

"It's a decision that I think is in the interests of Canada and Canadians," the minister told CBC News on Thursday outside the House of Commons in Ottawa. "That's my position."

It comes as the federal opposition parties, who are against the bid, accused Clement of leaving the door open for BHP to gain control of what they insist is a vital "strategic national resource."

My prediction: it will go thru. A conservative weights a choice: national sovereignty vs. money.....

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