Friday, November 05, 2010

G20 expenses under budget, Blair says, noting massive saving on police badges

Good to see the trampling of civil rights can be paid for with such savings!

Final expenses haven’t been factored in yet, but Toronto police should be “way under” the $124.8-million budget it received to cover security during June’s G20 Summit, Chief Bill Blair said on Thursday.

About 60% of the budget was allotted for wages, meals and accommodation for 5,400 police officers, while equipment and infrastructure — including a $3.5-million price tag for a prisoner processing centre — accounted for the remaining 40%, the head of the Toronto police force told a parliamentary committee on government operations.

“The final numbers haven’t been tallied, but I’m expected to be way under budget,” Chief Blair said, calling his force’s budgeting processes “transparent.”

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