Thursday, November 04, 2010

90 G20 Police officers disciplined by having to watch satirical videos of themselves without suing

About 90 Toronto police officers are facing disciplinary action for removing the name badges from their uniforms during the G20 summit, Chief Bill Blair said Wednesday.

Blair was appearing in Ottawa before the House of Commons public safety committee to answer questions about summit security. He discussed the disciplinary action in response to MPs’ queries about accusations that a large group of officers deliberately tried to hide their identities from G20 protesters.

Best Bullshit:

McCormack said each officer facing disciplinary action must respond individually to any allegations and offer an explanation as to why they weren’t wearing a badge. “We’re there to make sure it’s a full and frank and transparent process,” McCormack said

Call me a cynic, but I believe not a single person in power will answer for or pay for this obvious misuse of power.

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