Thursday, December 02, 2010

Max Fisher: Idiot of the Day

Oh those wacky Americans, always to be relied upon to spout epic idiocy.

What's up today? Why, Canada is boring. Oh the vicious barbs of wit!

Instead of focusing on the fact that the "diplomat" who wrote this report had his head so far up his own ass (he is American after all) that his report looks like the tantrum of a spoiled child (he is American after all), we get:

Canada is a pretty dull place to be a U.S. diplomat.

The most significant Canadian cable to emerge from the Wikileaks release is this long -- really long -- cable that, and we swear that we are not exaggerating its boringness, summarizes Canadian TV shows. If that does not have you feeling sorry for the State Department employee who probably dedicated years of hard study and work to joining the foreign service, only to end up in Ottawa transcribing CBC sitcoms, then consider the fact that he or she also has to pretend that his or her TV summaries have immediate geopolitical implications with "insidious" -- insidious! -- consequences.

And then they wonder why Canadian can not contain their amusement at our inbred neighbours to the South.

Umm, choices choices, boring or war criminals...hum, that's a hard one.

Yeeee HAAA!

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