Friday, December 10, 2010

14 police officers identified in G20 violence case, but you're not allow to know who

The Special Investigations Unit has the name of the officer who used a baton to hit a G20 protester, as well as those of 13 other officers who were present or nearby at the time.

The police watchdog is still gathering information and tracking down civilian witnesses, said spokesman Frank Phillips.

By Thursday, investigators also identified one civilian witness, armed with a video camera, for whom they had made a public plea earlier this week.

Police spokesman Mark Pugash confirmed that photos and videos published in the Star over the course of the week led police to identify the 14 officers...

Names will not be revealed by either the SIU or police. “We do not identify people who have not been charged criminally,”

The most fucked up part?

Witness officers must submit to an interview. Subject officers can exercise their rights, and decline.


Of course the police would much rather all this attention was not focused on them...

Toronto’s deputy mayor, Doug Holyday, dismissed the calls for Blair’s resignation.

“If there are cases where officers have acted improperly, I think (Blair) will deal with them accordingly,” he said. “We should be paying more attention to the vandals and thugs who tried to wreck our city.”

Ignore the man behind the curtain.

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