Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ancient Red Rock art vandalized by someone displaying mindless arrogance

Stunning in its self centeredness.

[Las Vegas] Metro Police said ancient art vandalized at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area was probably targeted because of the high-profile nature of the damage.

Police have identified more than 500 different tagging crews in Las Vegas — gangs of graffiti vandals — but they frequently change their names so it's difficult to say how many are active at any given time, said Detective Scott Black, of Metro's graffiti section in the gang crimes bureau.

"The motivation that the graffiti vandals have is to cause extremely destructive damage," he said. "They like a lot of shock value. While they go around and tag light posts and powers boxes, if they tag more high-profile locations, it does increase their status."

Given that mindset, police believe the Red Rock Canyon area was a planned target of the tagging crew.

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