Tuesday, December 28, 2010

FOX game show steals 800K from couple because of its own mistake

What follows is some cold hearted bullshit.

The host of the Fox game show that admitted that a couple had lost $800,000 despite having answered correctly has come out saying that the outrage against the show is misplaced.

Kevin Pollak, who hosts "Million Dollar Money Drop" on Fox, told The Hollywood Reporter Monday that outrage over Gabe Okoye and Brittany Matyi's mistaken wrong answer is a "moot point."

Okoye and Mayti lost $800,000 when they said that the Post-It Note had been sold before the Sony Walkman. The show said they were wrong, but later said in a statement that the couple was in fact correct, blaming the mistake on a 3M research error and inviting the couple back for a second try.

Regardless, Pollak said, the firestorm over the mistake was irrelevant as the couple got subsequent questions wrong, losing the rest of their money.

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