Monday, December 06, 2010

Mayor "Robbie" Ford to stand next to Don Cherry so he won't look quite as dumb in comparison

It's similar to having ugly friends, you look better standing next to them.

As Rob Ford prepared for the polls to open on election day, he phoned the coach in his corner for a pep talk.

“He called just because he said I was a good luck charm on the campaign,” Don Cherry said. “I said: 'You're gonna kill em.'“

Mr. Ford went on to a resounding win later that night. Now, Mr. Cherry is aiming to bring the same good fortune to Toronto's new mayor at his inauguration next week.

The Hockey Night In Canada legend will introduce Mr. Ford at his ceremonial first council meeting Dec. 7.

In an interview Friday, Mr. Cherry said he and Mr. Ford are a lot alike. They're both ordinary guys who say what's on their minds no matter the criticism, according to Mr. Cherry.

Translation: we don't mind being seen as stupid and occasionally bigoted in public, in fact we're proud of it.

“He just seems to talk the language of the people,” Mr. Cherry said.

What kind of "people" he is referring to here, one shudders to imagine.

A glimpse into the mind of said "people" can be seen in these comments:

10:57 PM on December 3, 2010
It could be worse. Smitherman could have won, and invited Richard Simmons.

3:44 PM on December 5, 2010
Good one!

Sparkling urbane wit to be sure...

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