Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Fabulous Flippers - The Harlem Shuffle

Truly awful 60's music from a "band" I've never heard of. One gets the impression they never set foot in the real Harlem...ever.

"Ya got no soul". A truer thing was never said of The Fabulous Flippers.

Based out of Lawrence, Kansas – The Flippers took the Midwest by storm throughout the 60’s – drawing sold out crowds from Texas to North Dakota and from Colorado to Illinois. Advertising their shows on KOMA Radio from Oklahoma City, OK they drew teens driving hundreds of miles to a “Flipper Dance”.


phil said...

you definitely dont know good music when you hear it. Too bad you didnt grow up in the 60's in the midwest and had the opportunity to experience this great show band!

protogenes said...

That may be true, as any comments on the net about this band stress they were a great live band.

I stil say that this video of them is quiet awful though.