Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Police to G20 Ombudsman: Can't touch this, nananana

The Toronto Police Service says it was justified in refusing to co-operate with an Ontario Ombudsman investigation that was sharply critical of the force's actions during and after the G20 summit.

Ombudsman André Marin's report, released Tuesday, said police exceeded their authority by demanding identification and searching people far from the security zone around the June 26-27 G20 summit in downtown Toronto.

Marin also said he got "zero" co-operation from Toronto police. Chief Bill Blair did not co-operate with Marin's investigation, even though Blair had asked the McGuinty government to invoke a law that police used to exercise heightened search and arrest powers.

However, Toronto police spokesman Mark Pugash told CBC's Metro Morning Wednesday the department didn't participate in his review because the ombudsman has no jurisdiction over the force.

Who the fuck does?

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