Saturday, December 18, 2010

Montreal's CHOM FM: Even our promo videos suck

Embarrassingly bad promo video from CHOM FM Montreal, Home of the Worst Logo in the World.

Not content with the worst Logo prize, the geniuses behind CHOM's latest publicity push want the world to know they are totally devoid of taste, and not just in graphic design.

They suck at video production too. Even the high school where they learned their techniques would be embarrassed.

How bad is it?

Poor sound (did she have to wear brick shoes?), bad camera work (the concept of keeping the subject in frame seems lost on the camera ape here), stunned onscreen "personality". This video has it all, even that hideous logo...twice..oh wait, it's on the wall too...oh Christ and on her t-shirt...

And they're looking for people just like them...

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