Thursday, December 09, 2010

Shawn Micallef: Idiot of the Day

Shawn Micallef, whoever that is, pens an article, so mind bogglingly ridiculous in its breath....well listen to this:

In fact, one could argue that London and Toronto are on very similar paths—only a hundred years or so apart.

Umm ok, whatever.

And of course, we must be reminded:

First, Toronto is "a truly global alpha city".

Saying so don't make it so, but such pronouncements are par for the course here (We're special! We are, we are!)

He ignores that London is 2,000 years old, and actually tries to preserve its history, instead of bulldozing it away for yet another condo...oh anyway, do read this parade of nonsense...but try not to bang your head too much on the desk.

Believe me it won't be easy.

Read more here.

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