Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Don Cherry: Tasteless Throwback of the Day

Keep it classy there, Mayor Ford and That Idiot you invited to speak. No matter what your 905 crowd thinks, you're coming across as an asshole.

Comments made by sports celebrity Don Cherry against "pinkos" during the swearing-in of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford have caused a stir.

Cherry, invited by Ford to the ceremony, said he specifically chose to wear a flamboyant pink jacket.

"Well, actually I'm wearing pinko for all the pinkos out there that ride bicycles and everything," he said.

It wasn't clear whether Cherry was targeting any specific group or a particular political issue.

In a rambling speech meant to introduce the new mayor, Cherry touched on media articles that have criticized him in the past "because I go to church" and "because I honour the troops."

The former NHL coach, now a commentator, told Ford that was the type of criticism he will face as mayor.

"This is what you'll be facing, Rob, with these left-wing pinkos. They scrape the bottom of the barrel."

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