Thursday, December 23, 2010

Conservative Senator Larry Smith: Bullshit of the Day

Newly named Conservative Senator Larry Smith denied he was employing a cynical political strategy by accepting a Senate position while planning to run as an MP in the future, saying he has taken a "dramatic, catastrophic" pay cut to serve the public.

Appearing on CBC-TV's Power & Politics with Evan Solomon, Smith was asked if it was cynical to start off as a senator and use the profile to then run as an MP.

"No, I don't. You have to understand that I've worked very hard over my career to do what I'm doing now," Smith said.

It's true. It takes years to reach this level of blindness about your own sleaziness.

"In simple terms, the money I was earning in my last profession to where I would be in this profession is what I would call a dramatic, catastrophic pay cut," he said...

...As a senator, Smith will make a salary of around $132,000 a year.

Oh you poor baby!

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