Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chris Selley: Idiot of the Day

Mr. Selley is fast becoming a multi winner of Idiot of the Day.

Short story, McLean's Magazine had an article called "Too Asian?", about universities possibility having too many asian students (too many to whom is the question).

A Toronto city councillor tabled a motion saying "“Toronto city council [to] disassociate itself from the views expressed by Maclean’s … and request that MacLean’s (sic) apologize unreservedly for the negative stereotyping of the Asian-Canadian community.”

Well, Mr. Selley doesn't agree. Fine. But as a good conservative, he has to push a little, to see how offensive he can be (to amuse other conservatives, they find this kind of humour so knee slapping).

Ready for it?

Frankly, I never understood the stink over the “too Asian?” piece. Negative stereotyping? Where? The whole idea is that Caucasians can’t keep up with the Asians because they tend to be smarter and more driven and work like d … whoah, that was close, because they work really hard!

Oh so droll! I can not contain my merriment.

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