Tuesday, December 14, 2010

His Lord Mayor Alleged Fat F*ck Ford defends Old Bigot dressed in Pink

Complain about Don "Pinko" Cherry to the Mayor and get this reply:

“I appreciate you taking the time to voice your concerns, and I value the privilege to directly connect with the citizens of this great City. I invited Don Cherry to be my special guest at the Inauguration because I have always admired his Canadian patriotism and community involvement. Mr. Cherry is a colourful character with strong opinions. As your Mayor, I promise to be open and attentive to alternative points of view and I encourage all frank and honest discussion. I hope that we can work together to provide positive growth and change for the City of Toronto.”

Bullshit and not terribly convincing.

Let me translate, shall I?

"I don't really appreciate you bothering me with such a trivial issue, so "I" am responding with a form email. I invited Don Cherry to be my special quest at the Inauguration because as a Conservative I find divisive, insulting humour the best way to get my message across. As your Mayor, I promise that anyone who doesn't share my limited world view with be subjected to abuse, scorn and public humiliation, to be frank and honest. I suppose we have to work together, but don't bet on it."

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