Tuesday, December 21, 2010

G20 charges dropped against activist

My opinion: they will never ever let any of these G20 arrests go to trial. In no way do they (the government and police) want any embarrassing facts to come out. All will be released after what they deem a suitable punishment period.

The arrests may have been illegal, but they still have to make sure we know who's the boss.

Not one police officer will spend a second behind bars...

While out on bail on G20 conspiracy charges, accused ringleader Jaroslava Avila was allowed to attend university classes, but had to have her class schedule with her just in case police asked.

House arrest limited almost everything the 23-year-old did.

She couldn’t use a cellphone and, except for attending school, could only go out when accompanied by someone over 18 — and if she had a note from her mother. And she couldn’t participate in any public demonstrations.

“It was a logistical nightmare,” she said...

...On Monday, her “living nightmare” ended amid cheers from a crowded courtroom of accused G20 conspirators and their parents as three conspiracy charges against her were dropped.

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