Saturday, December 04, 2010

WikiLeaks and the Hypocrisy of Power

Since September 11, 2001, there has been an increasing drumbeat coming from those in power.

More security, tighter security, increased security. The so called "Patriot Act", AT&T working with the US government to eavesdrop on telephone, email and other electronic communications of its own citizens, and more recently virtual strip searches at airports.

The list goes on. If anyone complains, they are viewed with suspicion, perhaps they're even aiding the terrorists!

The official line? "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear."

Now it's 2010, and long comes WikiLeaks.

Well! Governments (and the corporate medias) are falling over themselves to condemn the latest revelations coming from the diplomatic letters slowly making their way into our hands.

"Criminal! Rapist! Traitor!"

Why is that? What does this reaction tell us?

"If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear."

It tells us that governments don't view the people as partners, but as part of the problem, to be treated as such. To them, it's not hypocritical at all, as they know best and the rest of us are just the uneducated masses to be protected at best, viewed with suspicion at worse, but controlled at all costs.

So we get the obscene show that is the G20, turning cities into armed camps. If the lowly citizens dare to question this obvious display of force, they are beaten, arrested and called, yawn, terrorists…

Now this evil citizenry has turned the tables on officialdom, ever so briefly, and boy oh boy do they hate it.

How much? So much so that some politicians, "journalists" and so called experts are calling for the murder of Julian Assange with an unbridled lust it is disgusting to behold.

"I'm feeling very manly today, Evan."

Government pressure closes off WikiLeaks access to the population: Amazon folds, PayPal folds (both sighting reasons as limp as their backbone)…

Make no mistake, they will do all they can to stop WikiLeaks. Mr. Assange and the rest of us have to be taught a lesson, and soon. This hideous outbreak of truth will not be tolerated.

In the good old days, Mr. Assage would have been taken to the town square and pulled apart by four horses. Message delivered.

Expect the modern equivalent of this soon. Power must be maintained at all costs, too many long term plans depend on it, in which your input is neither wanted nor called for.

The rest of us? Expect even more invasion into our lives in the name of "security", even WikiLeaks have given them more excuses to do so. The "people" are a greater problem to them now as never before. An educated population what can talk directly with each other (via the Internet) is a new problem for them, it bypasses official channels and filters (China recognized this immediately and controls the Net. The West would dearly like to do this as well, but its veneer of democracy prevents it. Give it five years).

Governments become just another voice among many (granted they do have the loudest voices, with modern journalism more often than not a mouthpiece for government pronouncements). Hence the increased intrusions into our lives, let's us know who's the boss. Of course, it's all for our own protection...

"The Emperor has no clothes" is a phrase used often this past two weeks. Officialdom is busy right now, weaving new and more opaque robes as we speak. The rest of you, stand in line to be scanned.

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