Saturday, December 04, 2010

Ottawa police to "retrain" some very f*cked up "special constables"

Again, only video proof was enough to make the police take action.

Keep those cameras rolling folks.

The Ottawa police force is planning to re-train its 64 special constables on the use of force following the release of two cellblock videos that show officers kicking or kneeing people in custody.

Special Const. Melanie Morris, who has worked with the Ottawa police for six years and is currently on administrative leave, is shown in both videos.

In the first video from 2008, Morris is seen kneeing 27-year-old Stacy Bonds before she is forced to the ground and strip-searched. In the second video, from 2009, Morris appears to kick a homeless man, Terry Delay, as he's put into a jail cell.

Special constables are civilians sworn in as peace officers by the chief of police. While there is a competitive five-step process to becoming a special constable, CBC News has learned the constables only receive one week of training. Just one day of that training is devoted to use of force, with a "refresher" once a year.

The force has decided to add about 20 hours of additional training for the special constables, mainly in the area of the use of force, said Deputy Chief Gilles Larochelle.

Oh yeah, that should train the psychotic right out of them...

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