Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Disney hopes Tron Legacy doesn't bomb as big as the original did

The original Tron wasn't really that good, although visually innovative.

It's the 80's babies pushing all these projects along, with their firm belief that the 80's was the pentacle of 20th century culture.

It wasn't.

The original Tron was considered a failure in 1982 — and now, early tracking says Tron Legacy is on track to be another disappointment. The $200 million sequel could have a lackluster opening weekend. Plus check out two new featurettes.

The drumbeat of marketing for Tron Legacy has been ferocious for months now — among the geek crowd, the movie has been promoted at three successive San Diego Comic Cons, but there's also been tons of marketing to mainstream audiences who feel nostalgia for the original Tron. The assumption among industry-watchers has been that Tron Legacy would have a huge opening weekend, followed by a decent pair of legs.

But according to the Hollywood Reporter, the early tracking for Tron Legacy is looking weak — the movie could make as little as $35 million domestically in its opening weekend.

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