Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers: Greenpeace is mean to us. WAAAAAAAAA!

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers says Greenpeace has gone too far in its latest attack on the oilsands industry.

In an online contest posted on Facebook, Greenpeace is encouraging people to take aim at a CAPP ad campaign launched earlier this year that shows oilsands workers talking about land reclamation and environmental cleanup in the industry.

Greenpeace is encouraging people to create mash-ups or remixes, using videos from CAPP's campaign. One spoof video posted to the group's Facebook page depicts a biologist saying she will probably die of cancer and her family will be paid money to keep quiet.

CAPP spokesperson Janet Annesley said the ads go too far.

"We're certainly open to have our ideas or the point of the ads challenged," she said.

"If the activists don't believe our claims around environmental performance, let's talk about that … in our view, that just makes it personal, and it distracts from what, in fact, we should be talking about, which is solutions."

CAPP's website originally linked to the spoofs, but stopped when it decide the attacks had become objectionable.

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