Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Harper and Co. let mining companies run wild

A taste of living in Harper's Canada:

Break the law overseas: fine and dandy

Grow some pot plants locally: OMG!!! CALL THE RCMP!!!!!!!

A mining watchdog agency that was supposed to hold Canadian companies accountable for their actions overseas has done little to protect communities abroad, critics say.

In October 2009, the federal government appointed a corporate social responsibility counsellor to probe complaints about Canadian companies committing abuses in developing countries.

The Toronto-based office, however, has only received two complaints in the past two years — one of which was recently dropped because the mining corporation chose not to undergo the voluntary investigation.

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Rob said...

that useless politically correct office is a waste of tax money and should be closed. it is not the government of Canada's responsibility to establish or enforce Canadian regulations in foreign jurisdictions