Wednesday, November 16, 2011

David Friedman: Idiot of the Day

Fracking is Good!!!

The energy for an earthquake has to come from somewhere, and I don't think the amount of energy that goes into pumping water underground can be close to enough. What is presumably happening is that pumping in the water causes the release of energy that is already there. Dissipating that energy might mean lots of small earthquakes instead of a small number of big ones, which would probably be a net benefit.

Mr. Friedman is "academic economist who teaches at a law school and has never taken a course for credit in either field"


The commenters are just as deluded:

I love it. As a byproduct of pursuing ways to exploit nature on behalf of humanity, we discover that we can protect ourselves from one of nature's worst catastrophes.

Que treehuggers' heads exploding.

Making liberals unhappy outweighs earthquakes any day in their world. God help us.

My head won't explode, I'm too busy banging it on the desk.

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