Friday, November 25, 2011

RCMP in B.C.: Idiots of the Day

RCMP now admit they were keeping tabs on a Grand Forks, B.C. graffiti artist.

Dion Nordick found two surveillance cameras hidden in trees near his trailer home in June. He took them down and found pictures of himself and friends coming and going from his home.

Nordick also found hundreds of pictures of drug busts, suicides and assaults that hadn't been erased from the internal memory card.

The RCMP now admit the cameras were initially installed to monitor a suspected grow-op. Staff Sgt. Dan Seibel says when police searched the home, they found no plants, but did find graffiti stencils and paint.

Officers then installed two new cameras to watch Dion Nordick, a suspected graffiti artist.

Seibel says the graffiti artist allegedly had been tagging Grand Forks with a logo bearing guns and the word "dissent."

Comments on story are filled with people who truly find graffiti disturbing. Bizarre.

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