Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thuggish police wielding pepper spray at the University of California

Under pressure to resign, the chancellor of the University of California, Davis, established a task force Saturday to look into an incident where a police officer sprayed seated protesters with pepper spray at point blank range.

Linda Katehi told CNN's Don Lemon that she considered the police action on Friday "unacceptable," but stressed she has no plans to step down.

"We really want to look into this very carefully and take action ... make sure that it will never happen again on our campus," she said.

Katehi said the task force made of faculty, students and staff will review the events and provide a report within 90 days.

90 days? Don't make me laugh.

The *brave* office in question is one Lt. John Pike, who appears to have made $110,243.12 in 2010 to be so noble.

Longer version:

The retreat at the end is a delight to behold.

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