Thursday, November 17, 2011

Joe Warmington and a parade of idiotic right wing talking points about the Occupy Movement in Toronto

Mr Warmington is "in his 20th year at the Toronto Sun where he has been an award-winning reporter. Twenty years there, as no other paper would take this dribble seriously. Let's plough in, shall we?

It’s interesting how the people who have been evicted for setting up an encampment in a place they shouldn’t be want to evict the guy who was elected to uphold Toronto’s laws.

Communism is like that. Things get flipped around.

The Movement are communists: Check

It’s all about the war on Ford.

It's all about the Mayor: Check

Even though the place has become an out of control pigsty, the organizers are doing well with this war.

It's a war, lead by pigs: Check

the Ford administration missed the chance to move in on the lunacy earlier

And they're lunatics: Check

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